3 Major Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

As a small business, your online image is likely more important to secure and retain customers. Avoiding many of the web design mistakes frequently seen in small businesses can help you create the best image possible. Amateur Websites Creating a professional website is unlikely to be accomplished by a novice, unless they spend hours following tutorials in both web design and programming. You can easily spot an amateur website because it is clogged with unnecessary images and there may be inconsistencies in font or alignment. Read More 

Own A Law Firm? 2 Benefits Of Attending A Legal Marketing Retreat

If you own a law firm, you should attend a legal marketing retreat when there is one in your area. You can also ask other attorneys in your office to attend the retreat with you. There are many services for law firm marketing retreats, and you can take advantage of them while there. There are many benefits of doing this, two of which are listed below. Learn Different Ways to Market Read More