3 Major Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

As a small business, your online image is likely more important to secure and retain customers. Avoiding many of the web design mistakes frequently seen in small businesses can help you create the best image possible.

Amateur Websites

Creating a professional website is unlikely to be accomplished by a novice, unless they spend hours following tutorials in both web design and programming. You can easily spot an amateur website because it is clogged with unnecessary images and there may be inconsistencies in font or alignment. Not only does this make your website look unprofessional, it can make people less likely to spend their money out of fears regarding security. Although a professional website will be more of an investment for smaller businesses, just start small. As your business gains revenue and you become more successful, your web designer can add features or work on a more elaborate or custom design.

No Or Poor Optimization

Your website must be optimized to work properly on different devices and to help with your online visibility. With search engines giving priority to websites optimized for mobile viewing, a web designer will invest more of their efforts into creating a website that looks good and functions properly on mobile devices. Additionally, since many customers will access your website on a mobile device, a website that does not function as intended on mobile devices might cause customers to look elsewhere to make a purchase. Other features that will help with optimization and influence your web design will be streamlining the website. If you can have the same information in a minimalist form, such as fewer pages, it is best to err on the side of simplicity.

Neglecting The Customer Experience

Large businesses focus on the customer experience when revamping their websites. This typically includes beta-testing of changes they want to implement. Since small businesses generally do not have these resources, it is imperative to view your website from the customer perspective to improve the experience. Some common issues are menus that do little to help direct customers or insufficient ability to filter items. If you sell products, try browsing through your website and looking at different products, then try to perform a search for a specific product. You might find yourself frustrated at your cumbersome website, which can help you work with your web designer to make improvements.

When scouring the web, it is easy to find websites that do not reach the level of professionalism necessary to be successful. Just because your budget might be smaller does not mean you cannot achieve a website that is similar in quality as a larger business. Contact a company, like Megastream, for more help.