3 Tips for Creative Professionals to Step Up Their Social Media Marketing Game

Creative professionals, such as writers, photographers, artists, and graphic designers may face unique challenges in branding and marketing in the online space. One important part of your brand is how you market yourself on social media.

Start with a Solid Website

Your website is the hub for your online marketing, because it is the online presence most likely to show up in search engine results, and you can use your website to direct your audience to your social media accounts. You need to start with a clean, responsive design that is intuitive. People who visit your website should find it is easy to navigate through your website by using the main menu at the top of your website.

Make sure you give your audience samples of your work, whether they are samples of your writing or pictures of artistic pieces. You should also use your website as the foundation for selling content or taking commissions. If you are a writer or graphic designer, develop a price list to give your audience an idea of your rates. For photographers and fine artists, you can sell pieces directly through your website.

Build a Community

Once you have a functioning website, you should use social media as a method of building a community around your brand. Regardless of the type of work you do, you can create a community around it by attracting both like-minded people and those who admire your work and aspire to reach similar business or artistic goals.

Think of ways to teach your community, such as tips on using different writing styles, how to properly use a DSLR camera, or start painting in acrylics. Since major social media platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to have a business page, but also create groups, it is easier to have an interactive community.

If you are not camera-shy, YouTube is another excellent resource for building your community. This is an opportunity for your audience to humanize your brand and interact with you. You might take this opportunity to offer tips or simple lectures that are relevant to your brand. Add business information in the form of blog posts and videos. Many people in your audience will want to know about the business side of creativity, such as marketing tips and how to price their work.

Focus Your Social Media Efforts

Gone are the days of registering your brand with every social media platform available. Many people have found it is impossible to remain active on several social media accounts and they would unnecessarily increase their workload. It is better to focus your efforts on a few social media accounts that receive the most traffic and engagement from your audience than to have a bunch of inactive accounts.

If you do not have existing social media accounts and are trying to choose the right platforms to start, think about the best ways to present information. Facebook remains a staple in social media marketing because you can write longer posts, share pictures and video, create groups, and include advertisements.

There is some debate on whether Twitter is becoming less popular. Due to its character limit, it can be difficult to convey information and may be better for simply alerting your audience to new blog posts on your website or other quick bursts of information. Since the nature of Twitter is fast-paced, your approach should be different. The same post may need to be tweeted more than once per day to ensure your audience will find it in their feed.

Social media platforms where pictures and/or videos dominate can be good artists and photographers to showcase their work or share videos of work in progress.

Social media marketing is an integral part of branding yourself as a creative professional. By effectively using social media, you can increase your audience and attract new clients. Learn more about the process by contacting a digital marketing services company.