3 Things To Know About Using Local Directories In Your Marketing Efforts

Online marketing is an important part of almost every business that exists today, but choosing which types of online marketing services you use can be difficult. As you look at the strategies you are currently using and other types that are available, you may realize that you are not focusing enough on your local marketing tactics. To do this, you may want to consider finding ways to build your company's existence on local directories.

What are local directories?

Local directories are online lists of businesses, and the businesses are separated into categories. To view a local directory, you can enter the type of business you have along with the location of your business.

For example, if you run a bakery in Houston, type in Houston bakery in a search engine. The results that you see at the top of the page are a local directory. If you type in your business type and location and do not see your business pop up, you are not listed on that particular directory -- but you should be.

What information do local directories contain?

Local directories are not websites; they are simply pages that contain a few details about the businesses. If you decide to advertise on local directories, you should include the following details on the page:

  • Business name and type
  • Contact information
  • Hours and location of business
  • Reviews of your business
  • Website address

The nice part about being listed on local directories is that the costs are minimal. The other benefit of this is that it will help you reach people that are in your area.

How important are reviews?

According to Entrepreneur, 38% of people that use local directories want to see reviews for businesses. These consumers will use these reviews to decide whether or not to visit or call your business for goods and services, and that is why it is important to make sure your reviews are good.

It's impossible to stop people from posting bad reviews on your site, but there are also ways to encourage people to post positive reviews. One way to do this is to offer a coupon in exchange for a good review.

To monitor the reviews on your site, you could hire an online marketing company to provide reputation management services. These are marketing services that are specifically designed to keep bad information away from consumers.

To learn more about advertising in local directories, or to add other types of online marketing services to your advertising strategies, talk to a local marketing firm today.